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A New Perspective

Over the course of my career, in both nursing and coaching, I've met people from all different walks of life, with all different stories. One of the most rewarding parts of having a career in these fields is that I am integrated into peoples lives every day, on a pretty profound level. I get to know their stories, the backgrounds that led them to the situations they are in today. And, in some cases tragedies that thankfully, most will never endure.

Everyones story impacts me in some way.. after all, I am an empath (thats why I love the work). But, there are some that leave a deeper mark. Not only are their expereinces touching, but their resiliency admirable. Their ability to endure some of lifes greatest tragedies and come out with hope and positvity for the future impressive (for lack of a better word).

I want to share a few with you.. to show you what I mean when I say these people have impressive resiliency..

A polite, petite french woman in her 50s who lost twin daughters, a son in law and husband to suicide. Now on antidipressants (no doubt) but functioning quite well. She has a new life, remarried stepmother of 3, teaching piano lessons out of her living room to local students.

An 80 year old woman who lost 4 out of 5 children and her husband to cancer very recently at the time I was assiting her but excited to be moving to a long care facility that had great amenities and very polite staff... probably one of the funniest women I've ever met.

A 27year old woman who was hit by a drunk driver crossing the street on her 18th birthday resulting in a spinal chord injury binding her to a wheelchair for the rest of her life, now requiring nursing care several times a day, still smiling, still does her hair and makeup everyday, has a booming social life.

A 98year old woman who lost everything she owned and her husband in a tragic boating accident travelling overseas in persuit of a better life. She loves to tell stories about her time as a young woman working as a circus performer and snake charmer- with pictures to prove it.

One of the most amazing people I have ever met was a man in his mid 40s.. a retired Olympian athlete (sadly it wasnt by choice). An accident in his early 20s left him parapalegic. Now one of the happiest, most fun loving people I'd ever met. He lives independently, drives a red hot rod convertible, modified for him of course, and runs a local wheel chair hockey legue. Everyday I'd see him, he'd rush me to finsih his dressing changes so he could dash out the door and get a head start on the days adventures. I literally watched him leap over the drivers door of his car with more tenacity than a 5yr old hopped up on sugar.

All of these expereinces have enforced a strong sense of gratitude in me.. for all of the things most take for granted, a loving family, friends, basic necesseties, healthy food, and simply the ability to have a healthy body and mind. Things most of us take for granted.

Sure makes complaining about the weather seem petty when you walk into someones home and see them bedridden, simply grateful to be able to look out the window and see the sun on a clear day. .... doesnt it?

There are some who have allowed their circumstances to consume thier lives with negative emotions, and this too I can understand. Its not my place to judge.

But it is those who wake up every day with gratitude, embracing whatever life throws at them that really make the greatest impact on me personally.

I wish I could give everyone the gift of this type of perspective, and I hope that in the event of some terrible accident in my own life I would have the same resiliency to keep going.

Im grateful I have the opportunity to meet people who can teach me so much and offer me constant reminders of what really matters in life. and I look forward to all of the connections I will have with patients and clients going forward.

My greatest takeaway... That mindset is literally everything.

and no matter what a person has gone through or may go through in the future attitude and resiliency will determine the outcome. its all about Perspective.


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