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How to take Progress Photos

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

This is for all of my clients past, present and future and for anyone else who may happen to come across this who really doesn’t have any idea how to submit progress photos or check in pictures for their online coaches. Your not alone, and here is a simple list of DO’s and DON’Ts for you to get them right from the very start.

Five Things not to do;

Don't send nudes.

While I do want to see your shape I truly do not need to see that much of your shape. As a nurse, I see the human body in all types of conditions but as a coach I’m not here to watch your genetalia transform and I’m also looking for transformation photos that I can potentially use.

With your permission of course.

Don’t change outfits every check in.

I’m sure you have a super cute wardrobe, but; I can‘t enforce enough the importance of wearing the same thing for every check in. Different clothes will fit your body differently and will make it look different.

Don't worry about morning face.

This is such a common concern. Clients will apologize for looking tired and disheveled. Beleive me, nobody looks glamorous in the god awful early hours of the morning,. and if your worried about having your face shared with others its always an option to blur it out, crop your head out or simply keep your photos for our eyes only.

Don't take photos at different times of different days.

I always request my check ins first thing in the morning, fasted (With nothing in your belly). the food and fluid you consume throughout the day can cause bloating, inflammation, fluid retention.. etc.

Don't do strange things with your arms;

Ive seen it all....airplanes, supermans, tree pose, zombie stance... you name it. Thanks for the giggles but- just keep your arms down in a neutral position at your sides. That is unless your a competitor and are instructed to do differently. I‘m definitely game for some fun poses tossed in at the end- just make sure to get those mandatory poses in first.

Of course this goes without saying for other body parts too. Try your best to keep your stance And posture the same with every check in.

Five things you should do!

Do find some good lighting;

Make sureyou're in a room with good lighting. Even if your photos need to be taken in the dark you can maximize the lighting by taking them in a well lit room. Minimize shadow casting on your body by making sure the lights are hitting your body straight on, not directly over your body, from the side or behind you.

If your lucky enough to have daytime lighting, natural lighting is always best, in front of a large window or even outside.

You can also purchase a ring light that holds your phone, they produce great direct lighting.

** also make sure your photos are taken against a blank wall.

Do use proper angles;

Most coaches want standard front, back and side shots.

Set your camera Or phone about midline to your body. I don’t want to see you from your feet up or from the head down. Weird angles, as we all know from seeing fitspos on social media, will completely change the way your Body looks.

Do set your self timer;

Often you won't have someone take your photos for you and the standard mirror selfie just wont do.

Go prop your phone up somewhere mid body height and give yourself enough time to set yourself up in the proper position for the shot- and say cheese!

Do wear something small and form fitting;

I need to see your body. Underwear is fine. Otherwise, for men this means no shirt and form fitting shorts, no loose, long boarding shorts. for women a bikini or sports bra and small bottoms (swimming or biker shorts are okay for me).

Do show your entire body;

Again no nudes please. I’m referring to how much of your body a coach wants to see. We want to see you from head to toe. Make sure you're far enough from the camera to fit your entire body in the frame, and in your back shots, for ladies with mid length or longer hair, push it over your shoulder or wear it up! I need to see your back.

I know this sounds like a lot to take in.. but, it will become completely second nature in no time. And, just a reminder, no coach should ever show your photos without asking and receiving your full permission first.


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