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Your Personal Fitness Trainer and Holistic Nutritionist

I'm a wife and mother of two, full time nurse, personal trainer and nutrition practitioner. I help busy women struggling to make fitness and health a priority. It is possible to make your health a priority no matter how busy you are.


I started exercising in my teens. I've done CrossFit, Powerlifting, Kickboxing, Yoga, OTF, Calisthenics and Pilates, but I found my love in bodybuilding and functional fitness training. I competed in my first bodybuilding competition October 2019.

Following a lifetime love for fitness I took the leap to get certified and start helping others through personal training in 2018. As fulfilling as that was, I couldn't get my clients the best results without applying nutrition to the mix. So, in 2020 I graduated as a Sports Science Applied Nutrition Practitioner, and; at the end of 2021 I became a certified strong lifting coach. Along the way I have helped many clients get the results they desire, leading healthier, fitter, happier lives in a very efficient and balanced way.  


Juggling a marriage, kids, a full time nursing career, the sport of bodybuilding, a busy coaching business, and continuously learning new skills makes for a heavy plate, but: despite it all I find a way to manage. My mission is to simplify it for others and show them that they too can do the same.

Credentials, Experience & Expertise

I have a background in Nursing, graduated in 2008. I've been working as a community care nurse since 2010. I specialize in diabetic care and management. Nursing is what sparked my desire to help others on a more profound level from earlier on to prevent conditions that lead to the need for home-care and hospitalization. 


I first set foot in the gym in 2006. I've dabbled in CrossFit, powerlifting, kickboxing, yoga, Pilates, and a lot of functional fitness training, I transitioned to Bodybuilding 6 years ago, strong lifting for the past year, and like to include both styles in my training.  

 I tested myself by competing in a bodybuilding show in 2019 where I placed 4th in my open class and Masters division. 

I am a proud lifetime natural athlete.

Applied science sports nutrition practitioner, ISSA certified personal trainer and Certified Strong Lifting Coach. I have been coaching clients online since 2018. 

I am Passionate and blessed to have the opportunity to successfully guide others in achieving their health and fitness goals.

The fun stuff!



I’m a firm believer that most nutrients can be obtained with proper nutrition and that there is little to no need for supplements.

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